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Taking Medications, Exeter.

The way you take your medicines has a large impact on the way you feel over the course of a day. If you do not follow prescription advice, then several things could happen. Medicines not working as well as they should be or experiencing a range of mild to severe side effects can occur.

Our team of dedicated carers are on hand to help you with how to safely take your medication, including reminders to take these and tips on how to keep everything organised.

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Safely Taking Medications, Exeter.

There are a few things you can do to ensure that your medications are taken safely. Taking the time to learn about when and how to take medicines correctly or when to apply ointments helps you to determine when the best time of day is to take or apply them. Some medication should be taken at night to be effective and others need to be taken with food.

All medication should have instructions on how to take them, so it is worth checking these. These instructions will contain details about side effects, the name of the medicine, what it is supposed to do, how long it should be taken for, when it should be taken, and foods or drinks that you should avoid.

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How Can I Remember To Take Them?

There are a few things that you can do to ensure that you remember to take your medications on time and as you should do. These include:

  • Getting into a routine
  • Asking somebody else to remind you or create a plan
  • Leave notes or create a chart listing when you need to take them
  • Colour coding systems if you take multiple medications
  • Storing medicines in obvious places
  • Use a monitored dosage system
  • Setting an alarm on your mobile phone or use timer caps

All of our care packages aim to meet your needs, no matter how specific. We understand that every individual is different and always endeavour to provide compassion, care and professionalism.


Help with Taking Medicines Safely

For more about our services or the help we can provide when it comes to safely taking medication, call today on 01392 426 340.

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