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Available 24/7, 365 days of the year you can get cost-effective, professional and friendly personal care.


Enabling Services

Feel comfortable again in your own home with reliable enabling services from Horizon Care Ltd.


Sleeping and Waking Nights

If you are looking for overnight care for your loved ones and need someone who you can trust, get in touch.


Safety and Wellbeing, Exeter.

Having the right company or person to provide important care and support ensures that you or your loved ones are receiving what they need. Employing a carer with the right skills and knowledge is important as it reassures you that any care provided will be completed to the highest standards.

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Keeping On Top of Your Safety.

Always making your safety and wellbeing a priority gives you the chance to stay on top of it. There are some helpful things you can do to manage these, including creating a list of the activities you enjoy helping with. Getting up early and spending time with friends improves wellbeing, as does getting out, keeping active, and eating nutritious meals. As a carer of a relative it is just as important to take care of yourself. Having a carer to take over during the night gives you a chance to get the rest you need.

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Cost of Care in Exeter.

Worrying about how much care will cost you is always a worry, but you may be entitled to some form of financial help towards this. This will be determined based on the type of care or support needed and the amount of money you have.

Community care assessments from your local council are another way of receiving affordable help. The adult social services department can help with essential day to day activities including personal care, taking medicine, and consuming food and drinks. An assessment is typically carried out as they have a duty of care with regards to your needs. A social worker or care manager will visit you at home to find out more about you. This assessment defines what you need and not what you want, which is something to be aware of.

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Organising Support in Exeter.

Your local council may make arrangements with private companies or charities on your behalf to enable the provision of care and support. You will be left to make your own care arrangements if they have given you a dedicated care budget, found that you do not meet criteria, or that you have decided to make arrangements by yourself. For more guidance on this, feel free to visit the NHS Choices website below.

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Organising Support

Knowing which care company or personal assistant to choose can be a difficult task. The first decision to make is whether you want to employ a company or a personal carer. There are some crucial differences between these two care providers and understanding these helps you to make a definitive decision.

  • You are responsible for the hiring process
  • Need to draw up your own employment contract with terms and conditions
  • You decide what services you need
  • Up to you to pick a worker based on knowledge, skills and attributes
  • Setting up of timetables is your responsibility
  • Complete tax deductions and national insurance yourself
  • Develop your own job description and consider what written information the carer needs to complete their job
  • In charge of training and discipline of the personal assistant
  • Carry out and consider health and safety risk assessments
  • Ensure that you have adequate insurance cover
  • Organise cover for when your assistant is on holiday or sick
  • These agencies carry out rigorous checks on potential carers
  • Contracts and terms and conditions are drawn up for you
  • Carry out assessments with you to help you pick necessary services
  • Match your needs to an appropriate carer
  • Sort a timetable with you to provide the service you need
  • Manage payroll, taxes, and national insurance
  • Normally have a range of policies and procedures ready to go
  • Care workers are trained and supervised
  • Health and safety risk assessments are carried out
  • Have professional liability insurance
  • Responsible for finding other carers to meet your requirements

Your Safety and Wellbeing

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