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Enabling Services

Feel comfortable again in your own home with reliable enabling services from Horizon Care Ltd.


Sleeping and Waking Nights

If you are looking for overnight care for your loved ones and need someone who you can trust, get in touch.


Preventing Falls in Exeter.

Horizon Care Ltd offer helpful advice on how to prevent the risk of falls and possible injuries, helping you to avoid the negative impact on your life. The process of falling is not always a consequence of aging and there are several things you can do to prevent them from occurring.

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Ageing and the Risk of Falls.

As we age we become more unsteady on our feet and the risks of falling increase. It is estimated that 1 in 3 adults in the UK who are aged over 65 years and live at home fall each year. Around half of these individuals have more frequent falls.

A lot of falls don’t end in serious injury, but there is always a chance that a fall can result in broken bones, loss of confidence, and a loss of confidence.

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Preventing the Risks

Our aim is to reduce the potential of falling by understanding the possible risks in the home, encouraging self-management of your own health, and ensuring that your home is safe from potential hazards. At Horizon Care Ltd we provide help and support to encourage you to be independent and make your own decisions.


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