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High Quality Dementia Care & Support, Exeter.

When it comes to dementia, we understand the severe and upsetting impact that it can have on both a person and those that care about them. Our carers are trained in providing care for a wide range of conditions including dementia and they work hard to create a caring and sensitive environment.

No matter what adjustments need to be made, Horizon Care Ltd will always be on hand to provide the highest quality of care and support.

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Learn More About Dementia.

Dementia is not a natural result of ageing. However, the older we get the more susceptible we are to memory loss. It is normal for memory to be impacted by stress, certain illnesses, medications, and tiredness, but if you are becoming increasingly forgetful then it is worth talking to your GP.

The condition also impacts on the way we speak, think, feel, and behave. Some of the most common problems dementia brings include:

Memory Loss
Thinking Speed
Mental Sharpness and Quickness
Difficulties Completing Daily Activities
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How Our Staff Can Help

The staff at Horizon Care Ltd are there to help you maintain your independence, confidence, and lifestyle. Providing any care that you need is their priority, but your personality will never get lost behind a condition. Finding out what is important to you is crucial so that we can tailor the care on offer to suit you.

Managing the symptoms of dementia is something else that we are able to help with. This gives you more control over your life and allows you to maintain the lifestyle that you want.


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