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Horizon Care are your local Exeter care service providing quality of life care solutions amongst the unable and disabled. With dedication to both staff and clients, we stop at nothing to ensure the care your loved ones receive is everything they deserve and more.

Caring for your loved ones is at the top of our priorities and every client is seen as a valued member. Providing homecare services and specialising in personal care, enabling services and care for adults under 65, you can rely on our team for care services you can trust. We strive to ensure all of our clients keep their dignity throughout all homecare services and work at a pace that suits them best.

Below are 4 ways in which we provide care with dignity for all of our clients.

1. Providing Choice

All of our clients are given choice when creating their perfect care plan. We understand that everyone has different needs and look for certain elements within their own care plan, rather than a set a routine they may not follow or be comfortable with.

We encourage our clients to create their own choices from what they wear, to what they eat and even to how they fold their clothes so that we as carers can do what we can do best, care. By following your plan or your loved ones’ preferences, we can assist with comfortable living, making as little changes as possible so that normality and dignity is kept dominant.

2. Communication is Key

As a team we believe that communication is key to provide the finest care solutions possible. We communicate with all of our clients and staff to keep the ball rolling with your care and always communicate amongst each other to ensure reliable services every time.

Communication is not just for keeping on schedule either because we see communication as an essential part of caring and keeping our client’s dignity high on the list of priorities. All of our clients are seen as equals, never lesser, and are encouraged to communicate with their carers on a one on one level. Being respectful to our clients is number one on our list and creating rapport with each client individually is something we enjoy taking part in.

3. Personal Care Provisions

Personal care itself is a very intimate affair and something our team take very seriously. We always put our clients’ needs first and keep privacy high so that they never feel vulnerable.

We keep training high within all of our team members which has gained us a rating of ‘caring’ with CQC, the Care Quality Commission. We do this so that we are well aware of the best practices in keeping our clients comfortable throughout care and personal care. Whether it is assistance with toileting, daily cleaning or shaving, we understand that not everyone is comfortable naked in front of others, so we go above and beyond to ensure everyone is relaxed while getting personal care.

4. Respect Builds Trust

In order to build trust we first build respect within all of our clients and staff. We are strong believers that everyone deserves respect, regardless of age, and all of our staff are trained to treat everyone as equals.

As well as respecting each other individually, we respect our client’s surroundings, belongings and property. We never touch your possessions unless permitted and we only ever move things in your home with your guidance. How you choose to live is not our decision as we are simply there to provide the necessary support you need to encourage independence.

Get in Touch

To find out more about our homecare services in the Essex area, call Horizon Care Ltd on 01392 426 340. Our team are on hand at all times to take your call and talk you through each service professionally so that you are well aware of the assistance you or your loved ones may need. We are also listed on Care Choices who help those looking for care and support services around the whole UK.