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Everyone loves their home comforts and the elderly are no exception to this. Staying at home in old age is sought after by many and Horizon Care provide the homecare solutions they need to live comfortably in their own home for as long as possible.

For many years now, the team here at Horizon Care have been providing quality homecare in the Exeter area. We understand the need to stay at home and support all of our clients in their quest for independence and dignity at the same time as providing personal care. Strongly believing that quality of life is enhanced through staying at home for as long as possible, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the support to do so through many elements of care.

By staying at home in the same area they have lived in for years, normal habits and relationships are able to carry on. Taking someone away from their home removes the interaction of neighbours, removes normal routines and removes the comfortability of being in their own surroundings. We believe that staying at home for longer encourages happiness, memories and good health through the completion of simple tasks and independence with our professional support.

Personalised Care

Many of our clients enjoy the personalisation of service we provide because it makes them feel valued rather than a number on our books. We take the time to assess everyone’s needs and provide personalised care packages to ensure that our clients can stay in their homes for as long as possible.

Creating warm and personal relationships with our clients is something out caring staff look forward to doing every day of their working life also. By encouraging interaction, our care team feel that they have made a difference to our client’s lives and give our clients peace of mind that they are in safe hands. Our main aim is to prevent the feeling of loneliness, abandonment and social exclusion that many elderly clients feel in their own homes from time to time. As depression is common in the elderly, we need to remove the stigma that it is expected in older age and encourage positivity amongst our clients every day.

Home Adaptations

With our assistance we are able to adapt your home to meet your needs efficiently. Whether you have recently returned from hospital or have medical conditions requiring extra adaptation, you can count on us to work around your new surroundings and make it as comfortable as possible for you and your loved ones.

Depending on the healthcare that you may need, we are able to advise on the latest technologies and machinery that you could benefit from in your home. Advising on stairlifts, additional bannisters, wheelchairs and walk-in baths to name a few, we are able to assess your needs and make sure your home is adapted to accommodate your needs perfectly.

After Treatment Care

As well as professional homecare services we make sure that all of our clients are well cared for when they return from treatment on any level. Whether you have been in hospital for a short or long period, you need care and protection when you return home and often around the clock care. With waking nights, enabling and personal care available from Horizon Care, you are able to rest and sleep easy knowing you are in the safe hands of the professionals.

All simple tasks like washing up, folding laundry, dressing and using the toilet are covered by our care team so that you don’t have to worry about getting on with your life outside of the hospital. Simply sit back and take the time you need to recover.

Get in Touch

If you are looking for homecare to improve your quality of living, looking for a loved one or are looking to join our growing team then give us a call on 01392 426 340. We are here to help improve the quality of life of those needing extra care in their own homes and if you want to be a part of that, we are more than happy to have you on our team.